Certificate Program in Film Studies – FAQs

  • Who can apply?

All undergraduate students enrolled in Boğaziçi University can apply.


  • I am not a student of Boğaziçi University. Can I apply?

The certificate program is not an intensive program designed to be completed within the time-frame of one semester. However, students who are not affiliated with our university but wish to take courses on film studies can apply as a ‘special student’ to our university. Special students are non-degree students admitted on a semester basis to take one or more courses.  You can contact the Office of International Relations for more information on being a special student: http://www.intl.boun.edu.tr/?q=office-international-relations-staff


  • How do I apply?

Submit your filled-in application form along with most recent transcript to the coordinator’s mailbox (WLL Office: TB 4th floor).

Covid-19 Update: Admission process is currently being carried out online due to Covid-19. You can apply by emailing the filled in application form and your up-to-date transcript to the program coordinator and the assistant coordinator.

  • It is the student’s responsibility to consult with their department advisor(s) about graduation credits or any other relevant issue before enrolling in the program.


  • How do I know if I have been admitted?

Students who meet the application requirements are automatically admitted to the program.  There is no formal notification of acceptance.  Those who emailed their application will receive an e-mail reply acknowledging the receipt of their application.


  • Is there a deadline for application?

Students may apply to the program at the beginning of their third or fourth semester . You are advised to apply by the beginning of your final year at the latest.

There is no certain date or time-period designated for the acceptance of the applications. The program accepts applications throughout the academic year.


  • I am enrolled in the program. Is there a procedure to follow?

Enrolled students must submit their most recent transcripts at the beginning of each semester– after the end of add/drop period. Remember to highlight/underline the certificate courses on your transcript of records.

Also, you are expected to notify the coordinator of your intent to graduate at the beginning of the last semester of your senior year.


  • Is a film course with a grade P (Pass/Fail grading system) counted towards the certificate?

As per Covid-19 non-letter grading option, a course graded with a P (Pass) instead of a letter grade during a COVID semester can be counted towards the certificate.


  • I spent a semester/year abroad through Erasmus/Exchange. Will these courses count towards the certificate?

This is subject to the approval of the program coordinator. You should consult with the coordinator about the content of the course and present the syllabus of the course as well as the transcript of records you have received from the host institution upon your return.


  • How do I get my certificate?

To get the certificate, students enrolled in the program must submit their graduation transcript to the program coordinator & assistant coordinator at the end of their last semester. You should highlight/underline the certificate courses you have successfully completed on your transcript. This is the final step; you are not required to do anything else for the certificate.

Please note that students who fail to carry out the final step (i.e. send in their final transcripts at the end of their last semesterbefore their graduation) cannot receive a certificate. It is the student’s responsibility to make sure that they send in their graduation transcript to receive the certificate.


  • Where/when do I get my certificate?

Certificates are issued by the Registrar’s Office. You will receive your certificate along with your diploma at the end of Spring semester.  Students who graduate in the Fall semester likewise receive their certificates at the end of Spring Semester.