1. You cannot postpone any of the 2nd year courses (including science) unless you have repeats.


2. You should repeat F’s as soon as they are offered. Please make sure you take the repeat with a sign indicating it. Make sure you repeat an area elective with an area elective, an HSS with an HSS, an Unrestricted with Unrestricted. You can (and are encouraged to) repeat your DD’s within three semesters after taking the course. You can repeat maximum 6 DD’s and DC’s and you can repeat only one per semester.


3. Only ONE-HOUR CONFLICT is allowed. No conflicts are allowed with courses taught in 3-hour blocks (including FA courses).


4. FA Courses: Two FA courses in total are allowed in four years unless you are in the Film Certificate program. One of these courses is counted as HSS, and the other is counted as Unrest. Elective. FA Certificate program students must complete 5 more FA courses as the program requirement (7 FA courses in total). These courses are counted as extra credit (not as HSS or Unrest. Elective). You cannot take FA courses as departmental elective!


5. Unrestricted Elective: You can take any course except AE (Advanced English). We don’t recommend ED courses as electives. You can take 100-level foreign language courses (101-111-112-102) as UNRESTRICTED ELECTIVE.


6. HSS Electives: All EC /SOC /PSY /HIST/ PHIL /POLS/LING and 200-300-400 level Foreign Languages courses. HIST 105 or HIST 106 should not be taken as HSS electives because these courses are equivalent to HUM 101 and HUM 102 which you take as freshmen. ( HIST 105-106 are also NOT HIST electives.) Although your list of courses for the 4th semester includes an HSS, but not an unrestrictive elective, it does not mean that you cannot take a language course with 100 code this term. That means, you can take it now and it counts toward an unrestrictive elective in a later term (6th to be precise). We don’t recommend ED and AD courses as electives. You can take the TKL courses as Unrestricted elective because taking another literature course does not fulfill the purpose of the HSS elective, which is to become exposed to different disciplines. The students cannot take LING Electives as HSS in their senior year. They can take LING electives to complete LING/Unrestricted elective in their 3rd and 6th semesters, and to complete HSS/LING in their 4th and 5th semesters.



7. You CANNOT take PE, AE and PA for credit.



8. American Studies courses do not count as departmental electives! But courses with AL codes do count as departmental electives. However, AS 250 is counted as departmental elective only after 2017/18 Spring semester.


9. *Science Elective:

Physics: STS 205, PHYS 111, PHYS 112, PHYS 205, PHYS 206, PHYS 225,


Chemistry: CHEM 111, CHEM 112, STS 301, STS 302


Molecular Biology and Genetics: BIO 121


Environmental Sciences: ESC 301, ESC 305, ESC 306, ESC 306, ESC 351

SCI 101, SCI 102


10. A student may withdraw from a course 3 times until graduation. If she/he is under 15 credits, the system will not allow him/her withdraw so he needs to submit a petition to the Faculty of Arts and Sciences. Freshmen cannot withdraw from a course.


11. Our department has no prerequisities.


12. A student, who failed either ENGL 101 or 102 will repeat it with ENGL 105. If a student fails both, he will repeat ENGL 101 with ENGL 105 and also take ENGL 106 since it is a required course. Later on, ENGL 102 will be made elective through petition and he will repeat it with another elective course that his advisor approves.


13. Foreign students have to take 2 of the TKF (Turkish for Foreigners) courses (TKF 111, TKF 112, TKF 211, TKF 212, TKF 315, TKF 316, TKF 317) instead of TK 221 and TK 222. They are given by consent and they need to contact Dr. Ceyda Arslan ( to find out about which courses they should be enrolled in. If you are a Turkish citizen or are admitted to the university through OSYS system, you should be taking TK 221 and 22.


14. If your GPA is below 2.00 and you are in ON PROBATION status, you cannot overload your schedule. If your GPA is below 2.00 and you are in a REPEATING status, you can take as low as 11 credits (4 courses) and 2 new courses maximum! If your GPA is below 1.50, you can underload your schedule by taking a minimum of 12 credits! Students with averages lower than 2.80/3.00 GPA don’t take more than 5 courses, not counting TK & HTR. You CANNOT take an extra course (OVERLOAD) unless you have a GPA of 3.00 or above!


* If your GPA is 3.00 and above, you can overload your schedule but you can’t take more than 7 courses, not counting TK and HTR.


15. HIST elective:

There are no specific History courses designated as your HIST elective. Browse the HIST offerings to choose a course you like. You can choose from 200-, 300-, and 400-level courses. You cannot take HIST105, which is the equivalent of HUM.

Certificate students:

* Certificate students are not allowed to fill up their electives with certificate courses. Our normal students graduate with min. 130 credits completed. Certificate students should graduate with at least 136.

*Copywriting certificate: LIT311, LIT411, LIT412.  Please note that LIT courses will NOT be counted as HSS courses. Certificate students (registered before 2019) who have already taken LIT courses are exempt from this rule.

Copywriting students need to take 4 HIST courses not 2. Two of these should specifically be History of Art courses.


Currently 100 level language courses count as Unrest electives. 200, 300, and 400 level language courses count as HSS electives if the student continues to take courses to learn the same language.



SPA101 ->Unrest







If a student stops after taking 3 or 4 courses, the 100 levels still count as Unrestricted elective but he/she needs to take two extra courses to complete her HSS elective requirement.