The undergraduate program in English Language and Literature is designed to give students a basic understanding of literature as well as specialized courses in the field. These latter include courses covering the major genres and periods of English Literature; textual analysis and criticism constitute an important part of the course work. Students are also offered elective courses in American and comparative literatures and are required to take elective courses in linguistics, humanities, physical and social sciences.

An undergraduate project is part of the program. The liberal arts orientation of the curriculum prepares students for jobs in a variety of fields: media (TV and newspaper journalism), publishing, advertising, public relations, human resources, the Foreign Service, theater, film- makingas well as careers in teaching.

There are double-major programs with Philosophy, Psychology and Turkish Language and Literature leading simultaneously to B.A. degrees in one of these four fields and English Language and Literature. Students from the Business Department may earn a B.A. degree in English Language and Literature by completing the double-major program.

The department conducts certificate programs in copywriting, film studies and American studies. It also offers university-side courses in the history and appreciation of arts (music, dance, painting and sculpture, film, photography and drama) as well as creative writing and language classes in ancient Greek and Latin.

  • The department encourages its students to take French and German
    courses. 15 slots are reserved for this purpose in special sections (M T W TH 1,2) for the English Language and Literature students in the 101,102,201 and 202 FR and GER courses.

For admissions requirements and applications, please refer to the university mainpage.