For Students from Western Languages & Literatures Department:

We currently have double major programs with the following departments:

  • Philosophy


*For the current double major program with philosophy, please click here.


  • Psychology



  • Turkish Language and Literature


*For the current double major program with Turkish Language and Literature, please click here.


  • Management (one way only)

If you are considering to apply to a double major program it is absolutely crucial to review the university regulations on the website.

Go to “Boğaziçi Hakkında” — Yönetmelikler ve Yönergeler



Requirements to apply for a Double Major Degree:

  • According to university regulations, the minimum GPA requirement is 3.00.  (some departments might require a higher GPA, please check with individual departments).
  • You need to have passed all your classes with a passing grade (No “F” on your transcript). If you have an F please repeat the class to get a passing grade.
  • The earliest time you can apply to a double major program is the beginning of your third semester, and the latest is the beginning of your fifth semester.
  • Check with individual departments for additional requirements. Some departments hold interviews, and ask for a statement of purpose. Check the interview dates with the department that you are applying to.

To Complete Your Application:

  • Please fill out the application form (“Öğrenci ÇAP Dilekçe Formu”) and have it signed by both departments. http://www.fef.boun.edu.tr/formlar.asp The form is available on the Arts and Sciences Faculty website, under “forms.”

After You are Accepted:

  • You need to finish the program in 10 semesters (exclusive of one semester spent as an Erasmus student). If you join an Erasmus program, you can finish your degree in 11 semesters. This does not include summer schools.
  • You will be assigned two academic advisors. (Dr. Hande Tekdemir from WLL, and the double major advisor of your double major department).
  • You need to maintain your 3.00 GPA, with the exception of one semester when it is allowed to go down as low as 2.90.

For Incoming Students:

Students from Philosophy, Psychology, Turkish Language and Literature, and Management may apply for a double major degree with Western Languages and Literatures.

For our current double major program with Philosophy, please click here.

For our current double major program with Turkish Language and Literature, please click here.

Students from Psychology and Management should check with the double major advisor about the most recent version of the programs.

The minimum requirements in order to apply are:

a) 3.00 Minimum GPA

b) Statement of Purpose

c) Interview

d) Official Transcript

For interview dates please check the announcements. For further questions, please contact the double major advisor Dr. Hande Tekdemir, hande.tekdemir@boun.edu.tr