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The copywriting certificate is intended to provide students with an understanding of copywriting within the fields of media and advertising. The program is open to undergraduates enrolled in any department of the School of Arts and Sciences at Boğaziçi University with a cumulative average of 3.00 and above. Students can apply to the program at the beginning of their third semester, or beginning of their second year. Students who want to enroll in the Copywriting Certificate Program should see the coordinator to submit their transcripts and application form. You are not considered officially enrolled in the certificate program unless you have filled out an application form and submitted your transcript.

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Copywriting Certificate Program Application Form

The courses required to complete the copywriting option leading to a copywriting certificate are the following:


ENGL 111 Expository Writing (or Advanced English) / 3 Credits

ENGL 111 Expository Writing (or Advanced English) 3 credits

The objective of the couses is to enhance students’ communicative skills in writing with special emphasis on unity, clarity, and coherence of expression as well as on mastering forms of argumentation, description, comparison and contrast. How to do library research and how to write a research paper are two important components of the courses.

HSS Humanities and Social Sciences / 3 Credits

HSS (Humanities and Social Sciences) 3 credits

Any course in the area of Humanities and Social Sciences (philosophy, sociology, psychology and FA courses, etc.) can be selected.

HIST or FA (History of Art) / 6 Credits

HIST or FA History of Art  3+3 credits

Two art history courses coded HIST or FA are required. The chosen courses have to be in the area of History of Art and be approved by copywriting certificate advisor. For Western Languages and Literature students these courses cannot be taken as the departmental HIST elective.

LIT 311 Copywriting for Marketing and Advertising / 3 Credits

LIT 311 Copywriting for Advertising and Marketing

3 credits

This course is designed for copywriters of the future. While trying to define what makes a great copy, students in the course address real life issues being faced in advertising and marketing industries today. Throughout the course students are challenged to find their own narrative style while they master the craftsmanship of storytelling. Students analyze marketing case studies and award winning examples of advertising to explore what’s next in communication and inspire a new kind of copywriting. While becoming familiar with new media, students also acquire skills in multidisciplinary storytelling. Primary material comes from Hollywood screenwriters, major brands, and philosophers engaged in the power of ideas. Participation and attendance are mandatory as the course consists of discussions around the real time case studies and topics arising from primary materials.

LIT 411-412 Copywriting / 6 Credits

LIT 411-412 Copywriting I&II
3+3 credits

A year course given in Turkish and designed to make students specialized in producing copy for the media. Mastery of the required skills through class practice and home assignments is further reinforced by in-class critiques.

CL 205, CL 206, CL 307, TKL 301 or TKL 302 / 3 Credits

CL 205 Literary Theory and Criticism   3 Credits

Analysis of the most significant theoretical statements on literature prior to the modern period, focusing on major critical works from the Classical (Greek, Hellenistic, Roman), Medieval, and Early Modern periods, ending with Neoclassical criticism and aesthetic theory.

CL 206 Literary Theory and Criticism II   3 Credits

Selected critical works of European Romanticism; the foundational figures of modern criticism (Marx, Nietzsche, Freud, Heidegger, Saussure); the rise of structuralism; and the emergence of critical methodologies based in identity politics, from feminism to theories of race and ethnicity.

CL 307 Literary Theory and Criticism III  - 3 Credits

A survey of the most significant moments in modern and contemporary literary theory. Deconstruction, cultural studies, and the rise of post-structuralist, post-Marxist, post-psychoanalytic, and postcolonial theory. The most recent trends in critical theory. Queer theory, body theory, affect theory, object theory, material studies, post-humanism and digital humanities.

TKL 301 Literary Theory and Practical Criticsm I - 3 Credits

A survey of major critical approaches up to the twentieth century, from Aristotle’s Poetics to Romanticism, with attempts to analyze and define the function of literature with examples from Turkish literature. (In English)

TKL 302 Literary Theory and Practical Criticsm II  - 3 Credits

A survey of twentieth century literary theories along with modernism and postmodernism. Study of twentieth century Turkish literary texts according to these. Discussion of the place of Turkish literature within the context of world literature. (In English)