Co-ordinator: Prof. AslıTekinay 


The American Studies Certificate Program offers an interdisciplinary focus on American culture. Bogazici University students may participate in the program as of their third semester. They are expected to complete the 21 credit program by the time of their graduation, with a cumulative average of 3.00 or above. There are no prerequisites for the two required courses.

The program consists of a required orientation course (AS 250) and five other relevant courses selected from the departments of History, Political Science and International Relations and Western Languages and Literatures as well as AS 412 (a research and writing course leading to a thesis to be defended before a jury of three faculty members from different disciplines.)

Required Courses

AS 250           Introduction to American Studies

AS 412           Research and Writing in American Studies

5 elective courses (subject to approval of advisor and instructor)

The elective pool:

AL 301 American Poetry

AL 302 Twentieth Century American Poetry

AL 304 The American Novel

AL 305 The Modern American Novel

AL 311 Survey of American Literature from 17th to 19th Century

AL 312 Survey of American Literature from Late 19th Century to Present

AL 480-499 Special Topics in American Literature

HIST 310 History of the Americas, 1750 to the Present

POLS 313 American Politics and Society Through Literature

POLS 342  American Government

*** Important Note: Not all the courses are offered every semester. So, it is the students’ responsibility to keep track of the courses opened by the departments. Provided that you consult the program coordinator, there is flexibility in the order in which you take the orientation and the research and writing course.