CFP for the Special Issue of METAFOR: The Boğaziçi University Journal of Literature.

                                   CALL for PAPERS

                                METAFOR Special issue

Ecocriticism: Rethinking Ethics in the Era of Post-humanism/Post-anthropocentrism

The Department of Western Languages and Literatures and the Department of Turkish Language and Literature at Boğaziçi University invite you to send articles to the third issue of METAFOR: The Boğaziçi University Journal of Literature.

Articles can address but are not limited to topics including:

  • Anthropocene/Capitalocene
  • Ecosystems, Nonhuman Animals, Bioregions
  • Environmental Degradation, Extinction
  • Violence,(Environmental)Justice
  • Biopolitics, Biopower
  • Speciesism, Racism, Sexism
  • Compassion, Empathy
  • Affect
  • Embeddedness, Relationality, Interdependence
  • Local, Global, Glocal Ecologies


We especially welcome contributions that take an interdisciplinary and comparative approach. METAFOR is a semi-annual journal, accepting submissions in Turkish and English. All submissions will be peer-reviewed by referees assigned by the editorial board. For more detailed information about submission requirements, please visit our webpage at


Publication date for our next issue: June 2018

Deadline for submission to the third issue: April 30, 2018

All manuscripts are to be submitted via our registration system at


Best regards,

Prof. Aslı Tekinay, Editor

Assoc. Prof. Fatma Yılmaz, Editor


Kısmi Zamanlı Çalıştırılacak Öğrencilerle İlgili Duyuru

2018 Bahar döneminde öğrenci asistanı olarak kısmi zamanlı çalışmak isteyen öğrenciler 3 Şubat 2018 tarihine kadar (unofficial) transkriptlerini e-postayla Başak Demirhan’a yollayabilirler ( Ayrıntılı bilgi ekteki duyurudadır.

Kısmi Zamanlı Çalıştırılacak Öğrencilerle İlgili Duyuru




Fulbright Eğitim Semineri (9.11.2017)

Fulbright Eğitim Komisyonu, ABD’de yüksek lisans ve doktora yapmak isteyen ilgili öğrenciler için Fulbright bursları ve başvuru süreçleri ile ilgili sunum yapacaktır.

Tarih & Saat: 9 Kasım 2017 (15.00-16.00)

Yer: İbrahim Bodur Oditoryumu




We congratulate the 2016-2017 recipients of the CEM TAYLAN awards:


Tutkunur Vatansever (Sophomore)




Muhammed Akif Serdar (Junior)




Pınarnaz Eren (Junior)



Sena Şahin

Sena Şahin (Senior)



The Cem Taylan Award is a monetary prize offered to sophomore, junior and senior students of outstanding academic achievement. The evaluations are done by the faculty at the beginning of the fall semester of each academic year. The award is presented to the students in early October.

 CEM TAYLAN (1946-2001)


BA in English Literature, Istanbul University (1972)

MA University of Keele (1974)

PhD University of Keele (1978).

Dissertation title:    ‘D. H. Lawrence’s Responses to Visual Arts and Theories of Art and Their Effect on his Earlier Fiction’.

Cem Taylan joined the BU, Department of Western Languages and Literatures in 1979 and taught courses on Modern English Poetry, Victorian Poetry and Prose, Modern American Poetry, Analysis of Poetry, Classical American Novel, Modern American Theatre, Translation, Novel Adaptations in Cinema and History of the Turkish Cinema.  His research  predominantly  on modern English, American and Turkish poetry, modern English novelists, cinema as a medium of literary work, Turkish cinema, etc. appeared in literary  as well as  popular journals and daily newspapers.

His published books are:

1986. D.H. Lawrence, Oğullar ve Sevgililer (trans.).E Yayınları.

1999. Oğullar ve Sevgililer (reprint).  Oğlak Yayınları

1992. Modern İngiliz Şiiri: Willian Butlar Yeats ve Ezra Pound. Korsan Yayınları.

2000. Igor Stravinsky, Müziğin Poetikası (trans.). Pan Yayıncılık.

2000. Darwin Kuramı Seçme Yazılar ve Eleştiriler (trans.). Pan Yayıncılık.

2002. Dil Bilimi Düşününde Dönüm Noktaları I: Socrates’ten Saussure’e Batı Geleneği

(Landmarks in Linguistic Thought) (trans. with E. Taylan)Ankara: TDK Yayınları 799.



To the attention of double major applicants

If you are applying to the double major program with Western Languages and Literatures, please contact double major advisor Hande Tekdemir at Interviews with double major applicants will take place in TB 480 on September 8th, 2017 at 14.00.

Before the interview, please submit a 1-2 page statement of purpose, a recent transcript, and the double major application form (signed by your departmental double major advisor and the department chair) to Dr. Hande Tekdemir no later than September 6. You can find the application form here:


Transfer Oral Exam Candidates

Here is the list of candidates who will take the transfer oral exam on Tuesday July 25, 2017 at 10.00 a.m (Room TB 480 / the Faculty of Arts and Sciences):

Zeynep Balioğlu
Bensu Özden
Merve Aycan Hökerek
Efe Ersoy
Yunus Yavuz
Özge Kılıç İdgü
Batuhan Çoğun
Münevver Sungur
Esril Bayrak
Ozlem Demirci
Selis Yıldız Şen
İrem Ege Tuğcu


Transfer Exams

Exam Dates for 2017

Written Exam: 

Room: M 1171 (in the Faculty of Engineering)

Day & Hour: July 24, 2017 between 10.00 and 11.00

Oral Exam (for those who pass the written exam): 

Room: TB 480 (in the Faculty of Arts and Sciences)

Day & Hour: July 25, 2017 at 10.00