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Minor Degree in English Literature

The Department of Western Languages and Literatures welcomes applications for its new Minor Degree in English Literature. Successful applicants will begin their degree in Fall 2020.

Program of Studies:

3 required courses (9 credits/ 18 ECTS) + 4 elective courses (12 credits/ 24 ECTS)

Required courses:

EL 101 Survey of English Literature from the Old English Period to the Restoration (3 credits/ 6 ECTS)

EL 102 Survey of English Literature from the Restoration to the Present (3 credits/ 6 ECTS)

ENGL 105 Introduction to Literary Forms I (3 credits/ 6 ECTS) or ENGL 106 Introduction to Literary Forms II (3 credits/ 6 ECTS)

Elective courses:

These are selected from the EL, AL, CL, DRA coded courses, listed in the undergraduate catalog of the Department of Western Languages and Literatures, subject to the approval of the minor degree advisor. At least 2 of the elective courses must be coded 300 or 400.

Admission Requirements:

-Academic standing: students who apply must be in their third semester or above and their minimum GPA must be 3.50/4.00.

-Written exam: students must have an excellent command of English language and be competent at critical reading and literary analysis.

-Interview: students who have successfully passed the written exam will be invited to an interview, which will assess their oral speaking skills and their ability to integrate the minor degree in their current course of study and future professional plans.

To apply:

Please e-mail a 1-2 page statement of purpose in English and a recent transcript to Dr. Myrto Drizou ( by September 5, 2020. Exam and interview dates will be announced shortly after. For further inquiries, please e-mail Dr. Drizou.



We congratulate the 2018-2019 recipients of the CEM TAYLAN awards:

Günsu Erdoğan


Günsu Erdoğan (Senior)


Ceren Bilge Ünal


Ceren Bilge Ünal (Junior)


Kayra Asi


Kayra Asi (Sophomore)


Sena Bos


Sena Bos (Sophomore)


Alp Eren Pirli


Alp Eren Pirli (Sophomore)


The Cem Taylan Award is a monetary prize offered to sophomore, junior and senior students of outstanding academic achievement. The evaluations are done by the faculty at the beginning of the fall semester of each academic year. The award is presented to the students in early October.

 CEM TAYLAN (1946-2001)


BA in English Literature, Istanbul University (1972)

MA University of Keele (1974)

PhD University of Keele (1978).

Dissertation title:    ‘D. H. Lawrence’s Responses to Visual Arts and Theories of Art and Their Effect on his Earlier Fiction’.

Cem Taylan joined the BU, Department of Western Languages and Literatures in 1979 and taught courses on Modern English Poetry, Victorian Poetry and Prose, Modern American Poetry, Analysis of Poetry, Classical American Novel, Modern American Theatre, Translation, Novel Adaptations in Cinema and History of the Turkish Cinema.  His research  predominantly  on modern English, American and Turkish poetry, modern English novelists, cinema as a medium of literary work, Turkish cinema, etc. appeared in literary  as well as  popular journals and daily newspapers.

His published books are:

1986. D.H. Lawrence, Oğullar ve Sevgililer (trans.).E Yayınları.

1999. Oğullar ve Sevgililer (reprint).  Oğlak Yayınları

1992. Modern İngiliz Şiiri: Willian Butlar Yeats ve Ezra Pound. Korsan Yayınları.

2000. Igor Stravinsky, Müziğin Poetikası (trans.). Pan Yayıncılık.

2000. Darwin Kuramı Seçme Yazılar ve Eleştiriler (trans.). Pan Yayıncılık.

2002. Dil Bilimi Düşününde Dönüm Noktaları I: Socrates’ten Saussure’e Batı Geleneği

(Landmarks in Linguistic Thought) (trans. with E. Taylan)Ankara: TDK Yayınları 799.


We welcome Dr. Burcu Kayışcı Akkoyun to our department…













PhD (2015) Monash University; Literary Studies

M.A (2007) Boğaziçi University; English Literature

B.A (2004) Boğaziçi University; English Language and Literature

Research Interests

Utopian and dystopian fiction, ecocriticism, identity politics and narrative theory


Important: Interviews with Double Major Applicants (change in the dates)

If you are applying to the double major program with Western Languages and Literatures, please contact double major advisor Hande Tekdemir at Interviews with double major applicants will take place in TB 480 on August 262019 at 13.30.

Before the interview, please submit a 1-2 page statement of purpose in English, a recent transcript, and the double major application form (signed by your departmental double major advisor and the department chair) to Dr. Hande Tekdemir. You can find the application form here:



Transfer Oral Exam Candidates

The following students are eligible to take the oral exam:

Sabah Otrav

Elif Torgay

Ergin Kalmaz

Öykü Özmakinacı

Ege Aydaş

Ecenur Masood

Cem Deniz Özay

Mert Numan Morgül

Esranur Bayraktar

Time and place of the exam:

July 23rd, 2019 at 10.00

Room: TB 480 (in the Faculty of Arts and Sciences)