Course Code SECTION Course Instructor Days Hours Rooms
EL 592 .01 EL592.01 Syllabus
Spc.Stud.:Literary Theory Gumpert Th,Th,Th 3,4,5 TB 480
EL 593 .01EL 593. Syllabus Spc.Stud.:English Novel Öğüt T,T,T 6,7,8 TB 480
EL 594 .01 Advan.Top. in English Literature: Shakespearean Adaptations Tekinay TBA TBA
.02 Advan.Top. in English Literature: American  Modernist Poetry Yurdaün TBA TBA
.03EL 594  Syllabus Advan.Top. in English Literature: Trauma Fiction Tekdemir TBA TBA
.04 Advan.Top. in English Literature: Modernism Bulamur TBA TBA
EL 681 .01 EL 681 Syllabus Sp. Stud. Post/Trans-Human Confi. in Contem Öğüt F,F,F 3,4,5
EL 685 .01 Sp. Top. Studies in Verse: Narrative Poetry Görey TBA TBA
EL 589 .01 Graduate Seminar Demirhan TBA TBA
EL 690 .01 Master Thesis Bulamur TBA TBA
.02 Master Thesis Öğüt TBA TBA
.03 Master Thesis Tekinay TBA TBA
.04 Master Thesis Görey TBA TBA
.05 Master Thesis Fortuny TBA TBA
.06 Master Thesis Gumpert TBA TBA
EL 790 .01 Doctoral Dissertation Tekinay TBA TBA
.02 Doctoral Dissertation Öğüt TBA TBA
.03 Doctoral Dissertation Gumpert TBA TBA
.04 Doctoral Dissertation Fişek TBA TBA
.05 Doctoral Dissertation Tekdemir TBA TBA
.06 Doctoral Dissertation Bulamur TBA TBA


Course Descriptions

EL 592.01 Spc. Stud: Literary Theory

The second half of a two semester survey of the history of literary theory and criticism in the West.  Our point of departure: the radically new approaches to literature made possible by the criticism of the late 19th and 20th centuries: formalism, structuralism, new criticism, deconstruction, post-structuralism.  These approaches to literature are all committed, in different ways, to the dethroning of the author and the decentering of the subject.  But in the new approaches to literature that arise in the second half of the twentieth century, the subject (and along with it, history and culture) returns with a vengeance.  The second part of this semester treats many of the most significant critical theories, including Marxist criticism, psychoanalytic criticism, feminism, queer theory, black criticism, post-colonial criticism, cultural studies, and postmodern criticism, all of which attempt to understand literature as the expression of a subject which is, largely, a cultural or historical entity.


EL 593. 01 Spc. Stud: English Novel

The course aims to focus on selected contemporary novels that, both thematically and structurally, reflect hybrid, multi-faceted forms of identity in continuously dynamic and transforming constellations which challenge traditional boundaries of nation, religion, history and culture. The novels in question demonstrate multiple ways in which interlingual and intercultural contact, communication and interaction, mainly as enhanced by global economic, social and political configurations leading to the increasingly migrant and cosmopolitan position of individuals and communities alike, foster dialogic, pluralistic and transcultural perspectives and discourses with regard to national, social and political identity.

The analysis of these primary texts also requires contextualization within contemporary literary and cultural theories. The students will be encouraged not only to use and expand their knowledge of postcolonial and postmodern theories (among others) of race, class and gender, but also to transcend beyond their scope to perceive, imagine and/or theorize on new configurations of identity emerging in the novels.