First Semester

EL 579 Graduate Seminar

Seminars offered by faculty, guest speakers and/or graduate students designed to widen students’ perspectives on specific topics of interest and to expand their range of scientific research techniques and publication ethics.

EL 588 Spc. Stud. Studies in Modern English Poetry

Advanced study on a selected topic in Modern English Poetry

EL 590 Spc. Study: Studies in Modern English Drama

Advanced study on a selected topic in Modern English Drama

EL 591 Spc. Stud. Literary Theory I

The first part of a two-semester survey of the history of literary theory and criticism in the West. Literary Theory I offers the advanced student of literature an introduction to literary theory and criticism from classical antiquity to the beginning of the 20th century, from Plato to Freud.  The material covered in this class thus constitutes the foundation of modern critical theory.

Second Semester

EL 589 Readings in English Literature

Supervised reading in areas in areas of special interest to the student.

EL 592 Spc. Stud. Literary Theory II

The second half of a two semester survey of the history of literary theory and criticism in the West. The second part of this semester treats many of the most significant critical theories, including Marxist criticism, psychoanalytic criticism, feminism, queer theory, black criticism, post-colonial criticism, cultural studies, and postmodern criticism, all of which attempt to understand literature as the expression of a subject which is, largely, a cultural or historical entity.

EL 593 Spc. Stud. Modern English Novel

Advanced study on a selected topic in Modern English Novel.

EL 594 Advanced Top. in English Literature

Advanced study in literary genres, movements, forms or authors. Topics vary from year to year.

Master of Arts Program

The MA Program in English at Boğaziçi University is designed to be a rigorous education in modern English literature and an exploration of the very idea of the modern – one that has its roots, it goes without saying, in the literature and culture of the past.  Building upon the broad base of an undergraduate education in literature or the humanities, the MA in English focuses upon the major genres of English literature, while at the same time demanding a thorough training in the most significant and influential critical approaches to the literary text.

Courses in critical theory, fiction, poetry and drama offer students the opportunity to deepen their knowledge of particular modes, historical moments, or motifs in modern literature. The 25-credit program is composed of six 4-credit courses – two courses of theory, one of fiction, one of poetry, one of drama and one elective course – and a 1-credit course on methods of research, proposal and paper writing. The coursework requires intensive reading and research as well as seminar reports and discussions. Upon completion of the 25-credit coursework, students write a thesis supervised by their academic advisor.  They defend their theses in front of a committee. Students who graduate with an MA in English will be ideally placed to begin a doctoral program in any number of fields in the humanities and the social sciences, including programs in English language and literature, comparative literature, and cultural criticism.