FAQ – Departmental Life

What is the role of the Advisor?

To see the advising rules, click here.

Advisors oversee students’ registration process in order to make sure that they take their required courses on time and meet the graduation requirements set by the department, the Faculty of Arts and Sciences, and the University. The rules, requirements, and various difficulties of the registration process can sometimes become frustrating. Remember that your advisors are here to help you navigate these, but they do not have the authority to change the graduation requirements or bend the undergraduate regulations. If you have a complicated schedule, you must see your advisor. Please check the academic calendar for the day students are expected to meet their advisors regarding their course schedules.

Once the registration hurdle is over, you can visit your advisor during their office hours to discuss academic and nonacademic issues such as summer school, financial aid, serious health issues, graduate school, career planning etc. Please consult exchange, double major, and certificate program coordinators for questions regarding these options.

Please read the “FAQ-Undergraduate Students” section under the “Registration” tab. This information will be useful throughout your undergraduate education:


You should also be familiar with the Undergraduate Regulations (Lisans Eğitim ve Öğretim Yönetmeliği), which can be found here:

http://www.boun.edu.tr/tr_TR/Content/Ogrenciler/Ogrenci_Isleri/Yonetmelik_ve_Ic_Tuzukler/BU_Lisans_Egitim_ve_Ogretim Yonetmeligi

What are the senior thesis guidelines?

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EL 412 Proposal Form

Here is an example for the senior thesis title page. It may help you with the format.

Thesis Title Page

What are Office Hours?

Each professor schedules time outside of class hours to meet with students and discuss the course materials or other related interests of the student. Professors generally announce their office hours at the beginning of each semester. You can also check the weekly schedules on their doors or get an appointment by email.

Professors do not require students to attend office hours. Students can use the office hours to ask questions about course materials, get advice on their course work, ask for further reading etc. Communicating with your professors during office hours will help you resolve problems you might be having in a class, especially if you make a habit of going to office hours well before exams or assignment deadlines. Office hours are not tutoring sessions. You need to go over the course materials and have specific topics to discuss before your visit. Additionally, you can build relationships with professors and enrich your learning experience by sharing your interests in literature, art, and culture. However, please make sure that once you make office hours appointments, you keep them.

What are Departmental Class Representatives?

The class representative is someone who acts as a liaison or connection between a class (i.e. the first years, second years, juniors or seniors) and the faculty of Western Languages and Literatures. For example, if students have an idea or opinion or issue that they would like to communicate to the faculty, the class representative is someone who can be the vehicle for that. Of course, this doesn’t mean that students cannot contact faculty members individually – you are always welcome to contact your professors to communicate with them on a range of issues. This is simply an additional (and collective) vehicle of communication.

Class representatives are chosen through an election process at the beginning of each academic year. Advisors collect the names of interested candidates during the first couple of weeks of classes and we then invite the students to vote over a 2-day period. Once the class representative is appointed, their email is displayed on the department’s website so that students can contact them when necessary.

What are ÖTK (Öğrenci Temsil Kurulu) Representatives?

ÖTK is the representative body for the undergraduate and graduate students of Boğaziçi University. Just as the departmental class representatives facilitate communication between students and faculty within Western Languages and Literatures, ÖTK facilitates communication between the student body as a whole and the University administration. ÖTK representatives are typically chosen through an election process at the beginning of each year, and each department sends a number of students to represent their particular “constituency”.

What are Student Assistantships? 

Each semester, the Department of Western Languages and Literatures puts out a call for undergraduate students who are interested in assisting faculty members with various tasks. These might include helping faculty members with small-scale research assignments like finding images to accompany a power-point lecture or a library search around a particular topic, as well as more daily tasks. These are paid positions and the general understanding is that a student assistant will devote no more than five hours per week to their tasks. A student assistantship is a great way to get to know the process involved in preparing courses or undertaking research projects, as well as a great item for your CV.