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I work on Renaissance literature, with a special focus on religion, politics, and aesthetics. Other interests include phenomenology, affect theory, and classical reception. I am working on a book called “The Experience of Authority: Political Aesthetics in Early Modern England.” It examines the aesthetics of sublimity and reverence associated with sovereign authority, in a time when sovereignty was increasingly shaped by public perception and reputation. I argue that authors such as Edmund Spenser, William Shakespeare, Christopher Marlowe, and John Milton drew on the resources of fiction and poetry to examine such feelings provoked by majesty from the inside, and in so doing, revealed sovereign authority to be just as unstable as the experience of it.


Ph.D., English, University of Notre Dame (2015)

M.A., English, Louisiana State University (2008)

B.A., English and Philosophy, Louisiana State University (2006)

 Selected Publications

 “The Experience of Authority: Hamlet and the Political Aesthetics of Majesty,” English Literary Renaissance(forthcoming 2021).

“‘Thy Canonized Bones’: Shakespeare, Donne, and the Euhemeristic Aesthetic in Early Modern England,” in The Mortal Gods: Euhemerism and Its Uses from Antiquity to the Nineteenth Century, ed. Syrithe Pugh (Routledge, forthcoming).

“‘Those Ancient Forming Powers’: Fulke Greville’s Dialectic of Idolatry.” In Fulke Greville and the Culture of the English Renaissance, ed. Russ Leo, Katrin Röder, and Freya Sierhuis, 227-244 (Oxford University Press, 2018).

“The Political Atheology of George Puttenham and Fulke Greville,” Modern Philology 112.4 (2015): 591-614.

“The Poet, the Skeptic, his Witches and their Queen: Political Theology and Poetic Charms in Sidney’s Defence,” English Literary History 81.3 (2014): 733-56.

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