At the Department of Western Languages and Literatures, we investigate how narratives shape both the world and our experience of it. Our students learn how to read closely, think expansively, and write with both analytic and creative flair. Across a wide range of classes, our goal is to explore how the form of a text can illuminate its meanings, understand the relationship between literary expression and historical circumstances, and recognize how literature can reflect but also defy structures of power.

While our curriculum emphasizes English-language literature from across the globe, we are equally dedicated to providing a liberal arts education. To that end, we encourage students to make interdisciplinary connections and choices and foster reading, writing, and speaking skills that will serve them in a range of life paths. Our students have built on these foundations to cultivate successful careers in academia, the arts, civil society, and government, as well as a variety of industries, from advertising, media, and digital content production to human resources and marketing.

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The Department of Western Languages and Literatures offers an undergraduate program in English Language and Literature and graduate programs in English Literature (M.A. , Ph.D.). At the undergraduate level, in addition to the double major programs, there are three certificate programs offered to students.

For specific programs please contact the academic staff indicated on the individual pages.

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