Jameson Kismet Bell

Academic CV: JamesonKismetBell_26.10.2022_CV

Contact Information: j.kismetbell@boun.edu.tr

 Areas of Expertise

 Literature in relation to science, medicine, the body, and knowledge; performance and media studies, short literary forms, public urban literature


 Ph.D., German Studies, The Pennsylvania State University (2011)

Fulbright Fellow, ETH-Zürich (2009)

M.A., German Studies, The Pennsylvania State University (2002)

B.A., Bethel College (2000)

Courses Taught at Boğaziçi University

EL 101 Survey of English Literature I

EL 102 Survey of English Literature II

CL 104 Classical Literature

EL 201 Medieval Literature

EL 202 Renaissance Literature

EL 303 Restoration and Augustan Literature

EL 412 Senior Thesis

CL 498 Literary Short Forms and the Media Supplements

CL 48G Literature as Media: How Texts Matter

EL 591 History of Theory and Criticism (MA)

EL579 Graduate Seminar (MA)

EL 584 Graduate Tutorial (MA)

EL 68 A Proseminar (PhD)

 Selected Publications

“Contours of the Soul: Transforming the Containers of the Soul into Ventricles of the Brain in 16th Century Europe.” Boxes: A Field Guide. Manchester: Mattering Press, 2020, 55-73. https://www.matteringpress.org/books/boxes

 “Inscribing the Soul: Cerebral Ventricles as Symbolic and Material.” Boxes: A Field Guide. S. Bauer, M. Schlünder, and M. Rentetzi, eds. Manchester: Mattering Press, 2019, 55-73.

Performing the Sixteenth Century Brain: Beyond Word and Image Inscriptions. Münster: Lit Verlag, 2018.

“The Theatricality of Media: The Ethics of Adapting Die verlorene Ehre der Katharina Blum to the Motion Picture.” Monatshefte, Vol. 107, No. 1, 2015. 64-82. Print. doi: 10.1353/mon.2015.0008