Kim Fortuny

Academic CV: KimFortuny_31.10.2022_CV

Contact Information:


Areas of Expertise

Twentieth-Century English and American Poetry, Ecopoetics



Ph.D., English, Emphasis on American Letters, The University of Iowa (2000)

M.A., English, Emphasis on Nineteenth and Twentieth-Century American and English Letters, Portland State University (1993)

B.A., Western Languages and Literatures, Boğaziçi University (1988)


Courses Taught

 Undergraduate Courses:

El 101/102: Survey of English Literature

ENGL 105: Introduction to Literary Forms

HUM 101/102: Cultural Encounters I/II

CL 205/206: Literary Theory and Criticism I/II

EL 201: Medieval Literature

EL 202: The English Renaissance

AL 311: Survey of America Literature, 17th-19th Centuries

AL 312: Survey of American Literature, 19th Century to Present

EL 303: Restoration and Augustan Literature

EL 306: The Romantics

EL 305: Studies in Shakespeare

EL 408: Modern Poetry

EL 412: Senior Thesis

Department Electives:

AL 487: American Nature Writing

CL 486: Literature and the Environment

EL 484: The American Romantics

CL 481: Twentieth-Century Poets on Poetry

AL 488: Fiction of the American South

EL 489: Creative Non-Fiction: The Essay

Graduate Courses:


EL 511: 20th-Century North American Poetry: Modernism to Postmodernism

EL 688: Travel Literature and Social Aesthetics

EL 588: Ecopoetics


EL 68K: Ecopoetics

EL 68A: Pro-Seminar: Literary Aesthetics


Selected Publications


Animals and the Environment in Turkish Culture: Ecocriticism and Transnational            Literature.  London: I.B. Tauris (Bloomsbury Press), 2019.

American Writers in Istanbul: Melville, Twain, Hemingway, Dos Passos, Bowles, Algren, Baldwin, Settle.  Syracuse: Syracuse University Press, 2009.

Elizabeth Bishop: The Art of Travel.  Boulder: University Press of Colorado, 2003.

Refereed Articles

“Nazim Hikmet’s Ecopoetics and the Gezi Park Protests.” Middle Eastern Literatures (SOAS, Routledge) 19.2 (2016): 162-184.

“Herman Melville’s Near East Journal and Ahmet Hamdi Tanpinar’s Five Cities: Affinities of Culture, Nature, and Islamic Mysticism in Istanbul.”  Nineteenth-Century Contexts (Routledge). 37.2 (2015): 127-145.

“Elizabeth Bishop’s ‘Pink Dog’ and Other Non-Human Animals.” Textual Practice (Routledge).  29.6 (2015): 1099-1116. Reprinted in Literary Theory: An Anthology. Third Edition. Eds. Julie Rivkin and Michael Ryan. London: Blackwell Publishing, 2017. 1567-1580.

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