Matthew Gumpert

Academic CV: MatthewGumpert_12.12.2022_CV


Areas of Expertise

Classics, Classical Reception and Comparative Literature, Architecture, Sculpture, and Popular Culture, Semiotics, Aesthetics and Catastrophe Theory


Ph.D., Comparative Literature, Harvard University, 1992

M.A., Comparative Literature, Harvard University, 1986

B.A., Comparative Literature, Princeton University, 1984


Courses Taught at Boğaziçi University


Introduction to Literary Forms I (Fall 2018, 2019, 2021); Special Topics in Comparative Literature: The World Responds to the Greeks (co-taught with Prof. Dimitris Antoniou, Program in Hellenic Studies, Columbia University) (Spring 2016); Literary Theory and Criticism I (Fall 2011-2022); Literary Theory and Criticism II (Spring 2012-2021); Myth, Literature, and Ideology (Fall 2012-2013); Classical Literature (Spring 2021, 2013, 2017, 2021-2022); Survey of English Literature I (Fall 2011); Survey of English Literature II (Spring 2011-2012);


Ph.D: Advanced Topics in English Literature: Sci-Fi as/and Semiotics (Fall 2021); Special Topics: On the Sublime (Fall 2016); Contemporary Literary Theory: The Writing of the Catastrophe (Spring 2014); Contemporary Literary Theory: Semiotics and Structuralism (Spring 2011); MA: Special Topics: Contemporary Trends in Critical Theory / Posthumanisms: Bodies, Things, Animals and Cyborgs (Spring 2019-2020); Introduction to Literary Theory I (Fall 2014-2015, 2019); Introduction to Literary Theory II (Spring 2016, 2020); Readings in English Literature (Spring 2014)

Bogazici University, Humanities Program

Lectures for Humanities 101: “The Alexiad: Byzantine History as Classical Tragedy” (25 November 2019); “Tragedy, Past and Present” (November 2012-2018); “The ‘Odyssey,’ ‘by’ ‘Homer’“ (October 2013-2022); Lectures for Humanities 102: “Enlightenments: Copernicus to Kant” (April 2012-2015); “From Descartes to Freud: Two Models of the Self” (May 2012-2015)