Özlem Görey

Academic CV: ÖzlemGörey_04.11.2022_CV

E-mail: gorey@boun.edu.tr

Areas of Expertise

Modern and Contemporary Poetry, Women’s Poetry, Narratology, Mother-Daughter Relationship, Maternal Ambivalence, Family Dynamics, Migrant Literature.


Ph.D. (2000) University of Leicester

M.A. (1992) University of Leicester; Mass Communication Research.

B.A. (1990) Boğaziçi University; Department of Western Languages and Literatures.

Courses Taught

EL 101 Survey of English Literature I

EL 102 Survey of English Literature II

ENGL 101 Introduction to Literary Scholarship I

ENGL 102 Introduction to Literary Scholarship II

ENGL 105 Introduction to Literary Scholarship

EL 401 Shakespeare

LING 403 Translation

CL 452 Analysis of Poetry

CL 489 Feminism & Poetry

EL 302 The Augustan Age

EL 408 Modern Poetry

EL 412 Research and Writing

EL 588 Special Topics: Studies in Modern English Poetry

EL 685 Narrative Poetry

EL 68C Lyric and Gender