Erasmus / Exchange Information

Erasmus and Exchange programs draw on bilateral agreements established between Boğaziçi University and other European and non-European universities. Students of the Department of Western Languages and Literatures (WLL) who wish to study abroad through these bilateral agreements and foreign students who wish to study in WLL are invited to visit the homepage of the Boğaziçi University Office of International Relations for further information:

Coordinator, Incoming and Outgoing Student Adviser: Prof. Dr. Kim Fortuny
E-mail:, Office: TB 460

SOAS Adviser: Asst. Prof. Jameson Kısmet-Bell
E-mail:, Office: TB 440

General Information for Outgoing Students

The Department of Western Languages and Literatures encourages its undergraduate students to study abroad for a semester. There are three kinds of exchanges possible: Erasmus, an exchange program with partner universities in Europe; Exchange, programs with non-European institutions including the US, Australia, and many others; Special students, or students who go as fee-paying visiting students.

Application Requirements:
* A minimum GPA of 2.50.
*Undergraduate students must have completed 2 semesters at Bogazici University at the time of application.
*Students cannot study abroad during their last semester at Bogazici University.

While you can find most of the necessary information and forms on the BU International Office Webpage, here are some frequently asked questions asked by outgoing WLL Erasmus and Exchange students:

  • Adviser meeting. You are encouraged to meet with the Erasmus/Exchange Adviser before you apply to study abroad to discuss your options. You are required to meet with the Adviser after you are accepted. The Adviser will help you choose your courses according to your interests and the requirements of your BU program.
  • Classes. Once you have been accepted to study abroad you will meet with your Exchange Advisor to choose the classes you will take. We make sure all classes can be transferred to the WLL curriculum. Be sure to pay attention to all deadlines indicated on the International Office website.
  • ECTs (European Credit Transfer System) are university credits that are recognized by all Erasmus affiliated universities. The system facilitates credit transfers between universities. A 5 ECT course abroad is generally counted as a 3 credit course at BU. BU students can take a maximum of 30 ECTs, a minimum of 27 ECTs. NC (non-credit) courses can be included in this. You must be able to transfer at least 24 ECTs as passes or risk losing your financial support.
  • E-Petitions. The Erasmus and Exchange program is now digitalized. Once you have met with your Adviser and your courses are chosen and verbally approved, you will follow the directions for sending your schedule on-line.
  • Grades. The courses taken abroad and their BU transfer equivalents will be registered in your transcripts as Pass/Fail. The actual grade from the foreign university will be visibly listed as well.
  • Petitions are leave of absence forms you must fill out to study abroad. See the International Office for dates. They are turned in to the office of the Faculty Dean. They are accompanied by four items: 1) host institution letter of acceptance 2) BU transcript 3) a copy of the “Learning Agreement” with the courses and BU transfer equivalents listed 4) Syllabi and/or course descriptions.
  • Airfare. All students must pay airfare.
  • Stipends. Erasmus and Exchange partners waive tuition for Bogazici Students. Erasmus offers a stipend for basic living expenses. All other programs offer no stipend.
  • Accommodation. Accommodation opportunities change per institution. See individual foreign university websites for details.

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Partner Lists

Boğaziçi University has various kinds of Erasmus and Exchange Partnership Agreements.  The main ones are University and Faculty partnerships (see the “detailed list” of partners at compete for these slots with students from either the entire university or the entire faculty.

Department Erasmus Partnership Agreements are the most common.  The Department of Western Languages and Literatures currently has 19 Erasmus partners. The current list and conditions of each agreement (undergrad/grad/faculty level, quota, language requirements, special information, and expiration dates) can be accessed in the “Exchange Agreement WLL 2015” link on the Erasmus main page.

Students who wish to go on Exchange go through existing university or faculty partnerships.  A student is also free to instigate a new Exchange partnership with a university not on the existing list.

General Information for Incoming Students

 The Department of Western Languages and Literatures (WLL) welcomes a number of foreign students every semester.  We believe that an international presence enriches the classroom experience for all and we encourage both local and international students to get to know each other.

* It is very important that Incoming Students attend the Orientation meeting offered by the International Office during registration week.  We realize many Incoming Students wish to travel before classes begin, but being here in time for the Orientation will make your life much easier.

* We encourage you to visit your WLL Adviser on “Adviser Day” indicated on the academic calendar. Establishing a good working relationship early on with your department Adviser means the registration process, which may be different than the one your are used to, will go smoother. The Adviser will help you choose courses that suit your needs and the requirements of your home program.

* Your Adviser also acts as a cultural liaison.  Please feel free to make an appointment or simply stop by during the office hours that will be posted on the Adviser’s door once classes begin.  The Adviser is there to help you make the most of and enjoy your study period at Boğaziçi University.